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PostSubject: Suggestions   Sun Aug 10, 2008 6:04 pm

Hi all!

I have a few suggestions on the server. Most of these are FAR off from blizzlike. So if you dont want that, then nvm Very Happy

First of all, I'd like to have bottomless bags when I create a starting character. 4x18 slot bags and its a godbless!

Some basic level mount is awesome aswell.

Then I'd like to have some teleportation stone in my inv that would tele me to the main cities when ever I'd like to.

And then I think there is a big problem in the gear. There are no custom items ( for normal players, I've seen some of the gm ones Very Happy ) and no where to get even the normal green items. So I think there should be some place where are sold green, blue and purple items for some amount of money. It should not be too expensive, nor should it be too cheap. Maybe some token system. Greens should be buyable and blue and purple would be obtained with some tokens.

You would collect these tokens out of bosses ( which should be hard, but SOLOABLE ) or maybe create completely new instances that are planned for soloing.

Anyways, these are some suggestions. What do you think?

-NikkiLoveGod ( Maagi, Lehma )
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